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Getting On Top of Surcharges

Simply put, surcharges are additional fees applied to card transactions. While surcharges are small in comparison to the full transaction, they do tend to add up. Timeless keeps an eye on surcharge regulations, ensuring your business stays in the know.
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Surcharging Compliantly With Timeless

Surcharges added to consumer card payments have been banned in the UK since 2018, with other countries aiming to follow suit.

It is still permissible to add surcharges to corporate and non-EU card transactions.

Fixed rate surcharges sometimes risk overcharging or leaving money on the table.

Timeless’s innovative approach involves real-time checks on allowable surcharges for any given card, applied on a transaction-by-transaction basis.

Our approach prevents merchants overcharging or breaching EU law, while also preventing undercharging or leaving money on the table.

With a Timeless Surcharge Inspector, businesses can expect an ROI of 20x, with the peace of mind our system provides.

BIN Lookup Tools: Extracting Key Information with Ease

BIN numbers can be found on credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, charge cards, and many more besides. With our integrated BIN Lookup Tool, you can use this handy set of digits to discover:

Get the data you need with BIN

By checking a BIN (Bank Identification Number) against our concise database, you’ll be able to extract the data you need to make the best decisions for you and your customer.

BIN Lookup
as Fraud Prevention Aid

Fraudsters struggle to pull the wool over our eyes, and BINs have a key part to play. While cyber criminals may manage to use a legitimate card number, they won’t be able to align the cardholder details with those generated by the BIN.

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